Jeff Scislow Offers
0% F i n a n c i n g
for Home Sellers

Jeff Scislow, Realtor with RE/MAX Results,

offers a program whereby sellers can borrow

the needed funds to spruce up their home

prior to listing with an interest-free loan

from Scislow.

To qualify, the seller must have enough equity

in their home so the amount of funds borrowed

can be repaid at closing and they must (of course)

employ Scislow as their Real Estate

Representative in the selling of their home. The

Improvements must also be approved by Scislow

to qualify.

“We’ve been assisting sellers in this fashion

for some time,” said Scislow. “It’s simple, fast

and very beneficial to the seller in helping them

net more money in the sale of their home.”

Statistics certainly support the fact that minor

repairs and decorating prior to the listing of a

home will help its salability and return a higher

sales price in less time.

Scislow, who lists and sells homes in Dakota,

Scott, and Hennepin counties, has averaged over

100 homes sold per year throughout his career. He

sells 96% of his listings in 60% less time than

industry averages.