Whether you’re moving up, downsizing, transferring out of town or building new… knowing your home is SOLD and which day you’ll be moving is extremely valuable.

If You’re Moving Within Town:

  • Should I sell first, or buy first?
  • What if I sell first but can’t find the next home in time to make one move? What will the double move cost in dollars and time?
  • What if I buy non-contingent without selling my home first and I can’t sell my home… can I afford (or am I willing) to own two homes?
  • What if I buy my next home contingent on the sale of my current home, could I potentially lose my next home to another buyer?

If You’re Transferring Out of the Area:

  • Must my current home sell before I buy out of town?
  • Will sellers in my destination city be open to contingent offers?
  • How much additional travel might be required while my home is “for sale”?
  • Will my family be separated while we wait for our home to sell?

If You’re Building Your Next Home:

  • Will the builder start my new home before my current one sells?
  • Must I qualify for both homes before the builder starts my new one?
  • What are the chances that my new home and my current one will close on the same day?
  • If the buyer on my current home wants to close before my new home is complete, am I willing to make a double move? What will that cost?

Our Cash For Your Home Could Reduce or Possibly Eliminate Your Risk

No doubt there are numerous “uncertainties” when making a move from your current home to the next one. Wouldn’t it be nice to:

  • Sell your home today
  • Pick your closing date
  • Not have to worry about the buyer qualifying for financing
  • Not have to repeatedly clean & show your home to prospective buyers
  • Not have to leave your home for showings
  • Focus your time and energy on your next home versus your current one
  • Reduce the stress of your move

For Qualifying Homes we may be able to reduce or possibly eliminate each and every one of these concerns. Call today to see if your home qualifies for our CASH FOR YOUR HOME Program.

Would you like to know more about our CASH FOR YOUR HOME Program?

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